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Middle Small Industry

Posted on: November 23, 2009

1.1 Background
Realized or not entrepreneur which is being develop business especially business in UKM category ( middle small industry) have run marketing principles, but all that run without planning on paper. They have excess in accuracy get idea and execute idea swiftly and way of is correct.
Then what becoming successful UKM entrepreneur in developing their business? In general there are some matter becoming point entry to all UKM entrepreneur in its develop business

1. See excess of product
For example :.
-. Klenger Burger and Blenger Burger, offering size measure / larger ones burger portion
-. Video Ezy, doing innovation from gerai appearance facet or outlet with color which is catching eye
-. Salon Cay Cay, giving service with high correctness with result of maximal
2. Focus with especial product
Biggest challenge to UKM entrepreneur is at this second point, because many entrepreneur trapped to go out from its core business (no longer focus). Remember, customer not only buying product but perception.
3. Service
Develop ” special relation” with customer.
Example :
-. Video Ezy, giving special service and special promo to its customer
-. Le Monde (supply of inwrought baby), giving guarantee service of is quality of product, goods can be converted or returned if there are any mistake of production. From is third way of the remain to have to be added with various program which can develop BRAND so that created by] image as preeminent product in customer marrow.
marketing of Style UKM it is true very is differing from of big company style because limitation of fund for the promotion of, but this matter make UKM entrepreneur become creative and innovation in creating unique style which becoming trendsetter to big company.


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